Expert consultations on architecture and health in the context of heat stress

Friday February 4th, 2022

In 2021 we have spent few months collaborating with experts.

The EmCliC Team have met with medical doctor Dr. Katarzyna Broczek and architects Dr. Daniel Torrego Gómez and Dr. Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung to discuss the varied influences on how older people experience heat stress in Warsaw and Madrid. The meetings informed different parts of our research. Based on these consultations, our experts created three situated reports of different fields with extreme relevance to our project.


Dr. Broczek (member of the Polish Society of Gerontology) analyses how heat influences human health and the concerns we should take into account from a medical perspective.


Dr. Torrego (UMBRAL) analyzes the history of architecture in Madrid and the succession of laws, action plans and reports the city has had, governing its architectural development in regards to thermal adaption.


Dr. Zielonko-Jung (Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology) analyses the urban development of Warsaw and discusses the urban planning, architectural, construction-related and installation-related solutions that would be desired to attain thermal comfort in households.

Their research provides the contextual and theoretical grounding to inform the ethnographic, quantitative and climate modeling parts of EmCliC research.


You can read the reports here:


Broczek, Katarzyna. (2021). Health-Related Effects of Heat Exposure.


Torrego Gómez, Daniel. (2021): Urban planning – architectural report on thermal stress in the city of Madrid.


Zielonko-Jung, Katarzyna. (2021): Urban planning – architectural report on thermal stress in the city of Warsaw.