Collaboration with the Ethnographic Collection of the National Museum in Gdańsk

Friday October 27th, 2023

Dr. Zofia Boni, together with dr. hab. Aleksandra Lis-Plesińska from IAiE UAM, cooperated with the Ethnographic Collection of the National Museum in Gdańsk on the exhibition Shelter: Wellbeing. The exhibition opened on 26th of October 2023, accompanied by an interdisciplinary conference.

“The exhibition Shelter: Wellbeing is the conclusion of the two-year international art and education project ‘Shelter – Climate, Migration, Heritage’. It is an attempt to create an open and creative space that links the world of culture with the world of nature, the world of humans with the world of non-human beings – plants and animals, the world of science with the world of art. It is a story about cultural and natural heritage and about climate change and the search for methods of responding to it, based on the knowledge of past generations, contemporary science, art and education. It is also a story about what brings us together in a multicultural world – meeting at the common table.”

Th exhibition features, among other things, the ethnographic film The Wave from our research project, directed by Paloma Yáñez Serrano.

The exhibition is open until 1st of September 2024. More information:

The Exhibition is organised as a matter of a project „Shelter – Climate, Migration, Heritage”, co-financed under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the framework of the Programme „Culture”, Outcome 2 “Access to culture and art improved”. Co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.