Public Event in Warsaw – 16.06.2023

Wednesday June 28th, 2023

The event was held in cooperation with the Green Board in Warsaw, in the Kamień Educational Pavilion. During the meeting, it was possible to hear about how the research was conducted – including ethnographic research and a survey in Warsaw, how the heat affects the everyday life of seniors in Warsaw.

In addition to the presentation of the EmCliC team, represented by Dr. Zofia Boni and Dr. Barbara Jancewicz, you could also listen to the speech of Dr. Katarzyna Broczek, MD, PhD, about the impact of heat on the health of the elderly, as well as the speech of Dr. hab. Eng. arch. Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung on the impact of architecture and urban solutions on the feeling of heat.

We also watched the documentary “The Wave” directed by Paloma Yanez Serrano and Benjamín Llorens Rocamora.

At the end, there was a debate on how to prepare Warsaw for the increasingly frequent heat waves and what is already being done for this purpose. The debate was moderated by Zosia Bieńkowska and discussed by: Katarzyna Broczek MD, PhD (geriatrist), Dr hab. Eng. arch. Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung (architect), Jacek Wiśnicki, Greenery Board of the Capital City of Warsaw, Jacek Kisiel, Director of the Office of Air Protection and Climate Policy of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw. Thank you all for coming!