We present EmCliC project results and the documentary ‘The Wave’ in Madrid

May 22, 2023

We present EmCliC project results and the documentary ‘The Wave’ in collaboration with Ecologistas en Acción, on June 7 at 6:00 p.m. in La Maliciosa. The documentary, directed by Paloma Yañez Serrano and Benjamin Llorens Rocamora, is the result of an academic investigation that studies how heat waves affect people over 65 years of age, residing in different neighborhoods of the city of Madrid. The film, winner of the Docs Without Borders research award, uses a sensory language to show how the project participants adapt their day-to-day life to extreme heat, while recounting through the memory of each participant, the adaptations that have had to do throughout their lives to cope with the increase in global temperature as a result of Climate Change.

The script has been designed collaboratively with the nine over 65s who participate in the documentary. The story narrates how each participant adapts to extreme temperatures, throughout the same day: The hottest day, of the hottest summer in the history of Madrid. All of them, residents of neighborhoods located inside the urban heat island, reflect on how the city has changed due to the uncontrolled urban growth that their neighborhoods have suffered and the consequences of Climate Change on their lives. The Wave is both a tribute to our traditional strategies for coping with heat and an open question to the hot urban environments that will shape our future.

After the presentation of the EmCliC research project: ‘Experiences of Climate Change. Transdisciplinary investigation of urban overheating’ and the projection of La Ola, there will be a discussion with some of the protagonists of the documentary, followed by an exhibition with the results of the project and the works created by the participants.

More info: https://ateneomaliciosa.net/event/proyeccion-presentacion-del-documental-la-ola/