Is Madrid adapting to heat?

Is Madrid adapting to heat? If so has the mortality risk decreated and what is the threhold of heatwaves. The researchers from the National School of Public Health, Carlos III Institute of Health and the National School of Health in Spain, have worked out these answers in two brilliant articles.

López-Bueno, J. A., Julio Diaz, F. Follos, J. M. Vellón, M. A. Navas, Dante Culqui, M. Y. Luna, G. Sánchez-Martínez, and Cristina Linares. Evolution of the threshold temperature definition of a heat wave vs. evolution of the minimum mortality temperature: a case study in Spain during the 1983–2018 period. Environmental Sciences Europe 33 (1), 1-10 (2021).

You can read it in Environmental Sciences Europe website.

Díaz, J., Sáez, M., Carmona, R., Mirón, I. J., Barceló, M. A., Luna, M. Y., & Linares, C. Mortality attributable to high temperatures over the 2021–2050 and 2051–2100 time horizons in Spain: Adaptation and economic estimate. Environmental research 172, 475-485. (2019).

You can read it in Environmental Research website.

López-Bueno JA, Navas-Martín MA, Linares C, Mirón IJ, Luna MY, Sánchez-Martínez G, Culqui D, Díaz J. Analysis of the impact of heat waves on daily mortality in urban and rural areas in Madrid. Environmental Research 195 110892 (2021).

You can read it in Environmental Research website.