Embodying Climate Change| Warsaw | exhibition

Wednesday May 17th, 2023


Cafe OKO, ul. Grójecka 75, Warsaw


19/05/23 18-20

20-21/05/2023 12-18


An exhibition featuring four video games developed around the work of PhD researcher Zosia Bieńkowska and the transdisciplinary EmCliC team focusing on urban overheating and
how it’s experienced by adults over the age of 65. EmCliC is a three-year research project that brings together social anthropology, sociology, climate science, epidemiology,
atmospheric physics and novel technology to understand and demonstrate how people experience climate change on a daily basis.

The exhibition will be a chance to discuss and explore the efficacy of digital arts in communicating meaning and interpreting research in a time of climate catastrophe.

Co-created with: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Fundacja Ziemniaki and PJAIT Game Lab.